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Taking the worry out of the Entrance test

  • Posted On: 21 January 2020

I will help your child achieve success in an Entrance test to secondary school and remove worries and stresses. I've never let a child down yet. A high proportion of my children gain scholarships. 

Worrying about the Sats tests coming up?

  • Posted On: 21 January 2020

Having a clearer understanding of topics, learning techniques and tips to help get through the tests smoothly and getting a boost in confidence before the sats begin, for both year 2 and year 6, will guarantee success and take out any stresses.

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Are results really everything we need to look at when choosing a school?

  • Posted On: 10 January 2020

Results really aren't the be all and end all of choosing the right school for your child. As Michael Tidd suggests it would be far better to go and have a look around a school for yourself. If you wish to read more click on the link below: