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Children return to school with fewer restrictions

  • Posted On: 2 September 2021

Are parents happy that children are returning to school with less restrictions? Do we now need normality for children? There are many mixed feelings among parents as you will see if you read on by clicking the link below:

Will school catch-up plans actually go ahead?

  • Posted On: 10 August 2021

Sir Kevan Collins resigned over lack of funding for the catch-up plans. Does this mean catch-up lessons will go ahead or not and will only the most disadvantaged children be eligible?

Read more by clicking on the link below: 

Modified exams for another year.

  • Posted On: 24 June 2021

GCSE and A-level exams will likely be modified for another year so that those children disrupted by the pandemic will not be at a disadvantage. If you want to read more click on the link below:

Ofstead is aware of a regression in basic skills and learning

  • Posted On: 22 June 2021

Ofstead published its latest report which finds that some children have lost their basic skills through the pandemic and will need a lot of catch up to get them back where they need to be. To read more click on the link below:

Catch up over summer

  • Posted On: 25 May 2021

Children have missed a great deal of their learning this year. I am here to help your child catch up and fill those gaps with one-to-one tuition tailored to their specific needs. I also offer summer holiday lessons to prepare for the new term in September allowing your child to start back on track, or beyond, and feel confident. Contact me if you have any questions or queries.