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Concern over our children's well being.

  • Posted On: 29 August 2019

Are our children more unhappy than we were? Read what The Independent has to say on the subject by clicking on the link below:

Home schooling is a positive decision.

  • Posted On: 29 August 2019

The number of children that are home schooled has increased substantially over the years as more and more stress is put upon children to achieve. I teach quite a number of children in their own homes and they are happy, achieving individuals who are living life to the full. Please contact me if you are considering a home tutor and need some advice or reasurrance.

Making a confident and secure start to the challenges of a new term

  • Posted On: 18 August 2019

A new term, a new school year. Does your child need a  boost in confidence to ensure the transition to a new year is smooth, exciting and successful? Perhaps your child is a little bored and needs to be stretched and challenged? I am here to help.