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Watch out for your chickens laying away from home!

  • Posted On: 4 May 2019

With the longer days and sunny weather a few of my chickens have decided that they would rather find a cosy place in the shed to lay their eggs. So far I think we have found them all. However, my daughter watched the other day as a very bold and cheeky chicken squeezed through the netting into next door's garden. Someone will get a surprise!

KS2 Sats dates for your diary

  • Posted On: 22 April 2019

KS2 Sats tests will commence the week commencing 13th May 2019. The tests will take place in the normal classroom environment. Sats tests will be taken in  Maths, Reading and SPaG under formal exam conditions.

School holiday fines: Parents hit by penalties rise 93%

  • Posted On: 1 April 2019
School holiday fines: Parents hit by penalties rise 93%

Do you think taking a child out of school during term time will impact on their education?

To read what Jon Platt has to say on the subject click on the link below:

Sats is looming

  • Posted On: 3 February 2019

For children in yr 6 and yr 2 end of summer Sats testing  is on the horizon. A boost now would make a big difference to results and set your child on the right path for moving on. I already have a lot of children on the way to great results with just an hour a week extra learning.


Happy New Year!

  • Posted On: 31 December 2018

Wishing you all a very happy New Year and I hope you are all looking forward to an exciting new term.