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Need more information about Autism?

  • Posted On: 11 October 2019

If you want to learn more about Autism take a look at The National Autistic Society website. Follow this link below:

Concern over our children's well being.

  • Posted On: 29 August 2019

Are our children more unhappy than we were? Read what The Independent has to say on the subject by clicking on the link below:

Home schooling is a positive decision.

  • Posted On: 29 August 2019

The number of children that are home schooled has increased substantially over the years as more and more stress is put upon children to achieve. I teach quite a number of children in their own homes and they are happy, achieving individuals who are living life to the full. Please contact me if you are considering a home tutor and need some advice or reasurrance.

Making a confident and secure start to the challenges of a new term

  • Posted On: 18 August 2019

A new term, a new school year. Does your child need a  boost in confidence to ensure the transition to a new year is smooth, exciting and successful? Perhaps your child is a little bored and needs to be stretched and challenged? I am here to help.

Hot weather making my hens broody.

  • Posted On: 1 July 2019

Its that time again. Stuffy nest boxes and long daylight hours are sending my hens broody again. The problem is they fill up the nest boxes and so other hens start to lay away. 

The key is to shut them out during the day and they soon 'cool off' and start to wander around once more with the rest of the flock.